What is special about Battlefield 4 Free Premium?

Battlefield 4 is a well-known 1st person shooter console game which was released by Electronic Arts on the 29th of October, 2013. Battlefield 4 premium is the paid subscription for the game and has a lot of different advantages for the gamers.  Battlefield 4 Free premium does not mean that the game can be downloaded for free; however, it gives the player access to the downloadable content of the game without paying any extra cost. As confirmed by the developer of the game (DICE), the premium edition will have the same advantages which were provided in the premium version of Battlefield 3.

Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

-          Players will be able to access all the downloadable content without any extra charge which includes all the expansion packs.

-          Players will be able to access and use all the exclusive weapons which include shotguns, rocket launchers, assault rifles, sniper rifles, carbines, pistols, grenades and loads of other weaponizes, gadgets and equipments.

-          Players will be awarded with medals and ribbons for completing different tasks during the game.

Medals will be unlocked if the player is able to finish a number of tasks in the game or for setting a new play time. Ribbons will be given to the players if he/she is able to finish a number of objectives within one single round.

-          While playing in the multilayer mode, players can get an advantage as they can get priority in the server queue.

-          Exclusive dog tags can be collected while playing Battlefield 4 Free Premium which are special items which can help the player to personalize the character according to their choice during the battle sequences.

-          There are some additional unlocks which the players can get when they achieve the Battlefield ranks. With each rank, the players will get a weapon, a gadget, a dog tag or a specialization.

With all these added benefits and features, Battlefield 4 Free Premium is surely a game to experience and grab on to.


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